Graphics Card Issue?

Ok, recently I rebuilt my computer after a carrier dropped it during transit.

Since bringing it home (after extensive testing with no issues found), I've begun having some very peculiar issues with the display. The screen display will split itself and wrap itself in the available monitor space. For example, the line from the left of the start menu, that usually marks the furthest point to the left of the screen, will move 6 inches to the right; the portion of the display that is 'left over' becomes visible on the left of the screen. Mainly, the PC is still usable in this state. However, the cursor will not cross the line that would usually be the end of the display.

This issue is accompanied with display distortions, stripes and sometimes the monitor will go black while the computer is still running. It happens most often when I am watching things that require flashplayer (youtube, BBC iplayer etc.) and sometimes merely pausing the video will temporarily fix the display. It also happens particularly during warm weather.

I am running an AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series, on Win 7 Pro.

Any help here would be appreciated. I don't believe it is a monitor issue, and I suspect it could be a problem with the graphics card overheating - a solution, that doesn't involve buying a new one, would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

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  1. It could be an issue with the PCI-E slot. Try switching the card to another slot.
    It might be a good idea to check your GPU temps. Download MSI Afterburner and run something graphically intensive, and check the temps.
  2. Thanks for that GamingBoy - sadly, I have already tried that. It didn't improve the issue.
  3. Have you looked at the temps? It could be a loose heatsink.
  4. As far as I know, I can't track the temp. I have an eight-core processor, and this is what made me wonder if it was an overheating issue. Previously, I had a quad core and I tracked the temps then eventually replaced the core (because there was an issue with the thermal paste, possibly due to the drop). I never had this issue when I had the quad-core, nor when I tested the eight core in Scotland (it's colder there). The problem started when I brought the PC back to humid, roasting Southern England during a heatwave. It did cross my mind that the AMD I'm using perhaps wasn't designed with an eight-core CPU in mind.

    Anyway, I don't know how I would test the temp of just the Graphics Card - and as far as I know the CPU temperature (as a vague guide) can't be tracked.

    How would I test this, or how would I find out if it were a heatsink problem?
  5. Thanks for that edit there; I'll download that tomorrow and see if it says anything significant.
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