MSI Twin Frozer lll 7950 vs HIS IceQ X2 7950 vs Sapphire 7950/7970

So I'm looking to buy a new GPU to replace my dead 6870. I will be throwing on Arctic Cooling Accelero 7970 Xtreme, which will be used to replace to the cooler that comes with the card. I will be over clocking the card as much as I can. The first and cheapest card is a Sapphire 7950 with BOOST for 220 euros:
The second is the MSI TF 3 for 250 euros:
The third a HIS IceQ X2 for 250 euros:
The fourth and final one is Sapphire 7970 for 290 euros:
Each come with the Never Settle Forever Bundle. For overclocking, I was told the MSI and HIS cards are better for that due to the quality of components used. Because I'm switching out coolers for mine, the stock cooler that comes with the card doesn't matter to me. I will be using this with two 1080p monitors(I use one only when I game). I'm looking for the best price/performance/overclocking potential card. I was leaning towards the HIS card, but I'm not sure. Thanks!
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  1. if you were looking to get a triple monitor setup later on grab a sapphire 7950 flex edition then you will not need to use a displayport adapter unless you wanted 4 monitors.
  2. I have 7950 Flex and will be picking another one up here a couple hours. I can easily get the core clock to 1175 without touching voltage. I can raise the memory too but I don't because I don't see much performance gain from memory. Just the core and power slider to 20%.
  3. here is the flex edition. even comes with a small factory overclock also it is a little cheaper.
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    There is also the Vapor-x. The 7970 is a good card and it's at a good price right now but I think it consumes something like 20% more power and at the same clock speeds the 7950 is only 3-6% behind the 7970.
  5. mauller07 said:
    here is the flex edition. even comes with a small factory overclock also it is a little cheaper.

    Actually that's a more expensive 7950....
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