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Hello All,

Planning to upgrade my system to a core i7 4770 with an Intel DH87RL motherboard. Any views if this is a good board. I dont plan to overclock. Mainly I liked this board since it has 4 USB 3 slots.


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  1. werner123 said:
    Hi, Intel motherboards are good in general, but i would rather recommend a board from ASUS, ASrock, Gigabyte or MSI. What is your budget and the online retailer you will be buying from?

    Hello Werner,

    Thanks for this information. I read it a tad too late as im staring at the new board right now. Hope this should be fine.
  2. werner123 said:
    It will be more than fine, intel motherboards are known for their good compatibility and reliability, enjoy your system.

    Thanks a ton Werner. Been nice interacting with you!!!
  3. werner123 said:
    It will be more than fine, intel motherboards are known for their good compatibility and reliability, enjoy your system.

    Hi Werner,

    Just wanted to let you know that the Intel board gave way and Im now looking for something fro ASUS or Gigabyte in the same price range. Any info.
  4. werner123 said:
    Hi, sorry to hear about that, where will you be buying from and your budget?

    From India. Im specifically looking at a ASUS or GIGABYTE H87 board since i dont plan to ever overclock. Budget is about 10000 Indian Rupees. Thats about 160USD today. 1USD = approx 62 Indian rupees today!!
  5. werner123 said:
    If you're not gonna overclock then a B85 chipset based board will also suffice, like the following:

    The H87 motherboards are out of stock, unless you can get it somewhere else, like a local PC store.

    Hi. I have ordered the gigabyte GA-87-MD3H board. Very funny things happening. Really need your opinion on this. The guy from Intel checked my board and says that there's an issue with the UEFI bios where you cannot keep a USB drive plugged into the system while starting. It will start restarting. According to him this is a safety feature where it sees the USB and starts to restart. Without a USB drive there's no problem booting up and later on connecting the drives they get detected. But you cannot boot with USB drives plugged in. According to him this happened also with the Gigabyte motherboard. Is this a normal thing or is this guy weird. Anyways I'm getting the machine tomorrow with the Gugabyte board but what I heard today was silly. Your opinions please.
  6. werner123 said:
    Yes it is.

    As in this is absurd right? What do you think of this board?
  7. werner123 said:
    Hmmm, not so sure about that, and if so, there might be a setting in the bios you can change to solve the issue, and there will definitely be a bios update or future update to fix that, if it is indeed the case. So no need to worry about that.

    Yea on second thoughts I think ur right. Maybe it is a glitch. Anyways I have a gigabyte board now and I somehow feel relieved. By the way would you be able to help me to get a decent graphics card not for gaming but encoding and conversion. How's the ASUS gtx650 with 1gb ddr5. Or is 2gb ddr5 required. That will go beyond budget.
  8. werner123 said:
    The GTX 650 will be just fine, but can you afford the 650 Ti Boost? if you can get a 2GB version for not much more then i would recommend that, but 1GB would suffice.

    How about Zotac cards. Theres the 2GB AMP card for 10000 and the Ti1 GB card for 10400 and also an ASUS Ti 1GB card for 10,200.
    What would be better in yur opinion??
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