Replacing Screen Cable in a HP dv4

Can anyone provide me a step by step procedure to replace the LCD Flex Screen Cable (Part number DC020001000) in an HP Pavilion dv4-1220us notebook computer. A response would be greatly appreciated
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    This is a tall order if you have never done this before, so a word of caution: be careful. No seriously, keep all screws organized and preferably labeled where you removed them from. It helps imensely come reinstallation time.

    Two parts. screen assembly disassemble and base disassembly.

    *****make sure computer is turned off and battery removed before starting******

    How to Remove Replace Install your HP DV Series DV4-1220us Laptop LCD Screen

    1. Remove the rubber covers from you HP DV4-1220us LCD Screen.
    2. Use a philips head screw driver to remove the screws.
    3. Pry off the HP DV4-1220us Plastic LCD bezel.
    4. Remove the screws from the side of the LCD hinges.
    5. Handle the HP DV4-1220us LCD hinges with care as they are delicate.
    6. Place the HP DV4-1220us LCD Screen down on its front and remove the LCD ribbon cable from the LCD.

    for the bottom assembly

    STEP 1.
    Remove hard drive, memory and CMOS battery covers from the bottom of the laptop.
    Now you can get access to both memory modules, hard drive, wireless card and CMOS battery.

    STEP 2.
    Remove three screws securing the hard drive.
    Slide the hard drive assemble to the left in order to disconnect it from the motherboard.
    Now you can remove the hard drive.

    STEP 3.
    Disconnect both antenna cables from the wireless card.

    STEP 4.
    Unlock the DVD drive and pull it from the laptop.

    STEP 5.
    Disconnect and remove the CMOS battery., not always needed, and if you do when you reassmeble you will need to enter bios and set the correct date and time again.

    STEP 6.
    Remove three screws securing keyboard on the bottom of the laptop.

    STEP 6.
    Carefully lift up the top part of the keyboard with a sharp object. Continue removing keyboard with your fingers.

    WARNING! It’s possible the keyboard is glued to the top cover with double sticky tape. Remove it slowly.

    STEP 7.
    Lift up the keyboard and slide it towards the LCD screen so you can access the cable underneath.

    STEP 8.
    Before you can remove the keyboard it’s necessary to unlock the connector.

    STEP 9.
    In order to unlock the connector you’ll have to move the brown clip about 2 millimeters towards the display.
    Be careful, the brown clip must stay attached to the white base. Don’t move it more that 2 millimeters.

    Now you can pull keyboard cable from the connector.

    STEP 10.
    Finally, remove the keyboard.

    STEP 11.
    Remove seven screws securing keyboard bezel. Don’t forget two screws in the DVD drive bay.

    STEP 12.
    Disconnect LED board cable from the motherboard.
    Remove two screws securing keyboard bezel to the top cover.

    STEP 13.
    In order to remove the bezel, slide it towards the display and lift up.

    OR FOR Step by step instructions with pictures, check out this website:
    At about step 13 you will be able to safely remove the video cable and replace it, so there will be no need to continue past that point.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
  2. Thank you for quick response. As you stated it sounds like a tall tsk to accomplish especially I have never taken apart a laptop. A normal PC you remove a few screws, the covers come off and everything is exposed. I have already purchased the cable and I guess I have nothing to loose to try. I ruin the computer I will be buying a new one which I would do anyway as cost of repair for this issue is over $300.00
  3. Where is it $300 to replace your video cable? And are you sure it is the video cable? In my shop that would be about $75 in labor plus the price of the part, usuallly about $30ish.... Anyways, good luck to you in your repair!
  4. Thanks again for your support and instructions. The cable arrived two days ago. I Followed your instructions and the pictures from the link and I was able to accomplish the task. It took me about three hours to disassemble and reassemble all the necessary computer parts to accomplish the task. I could never have accomplished this task without your help.
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