What is the difference between Intel CoreTM i5 processor and 1.8GHz Intel® processor

What is the difference between Intel CoreTM i5 processor and 1.8GHz Intel® processor
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  1. there could be a lot of differences. i assume youre looking at two computers and thats the details theyve given you about the processors? if so, what kind of computers are you looking at?
  2. I am looking at 2 tablets Lenovo Thinkpad 2 and a Microsoft Surface Pro. I have an excel file that runs macros and I am trying to get the faster tablet. We bought the Thinkpad but it takes over a minute to run the macro. I want to know if the Surface will run it faster and it has the I5 processor.
  3. it absolutely will, you are using an intel atom z2760, which is a much slower processor than the i5. whether or not the i5 is worth the extra money is up to you though.
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    The surface pro is much better on the performance front and literally kicks out the Lenevo's Thinkpad Atom processor.

    The i5 is much much better than the Atom processor. They are nowhere near and the i5 and hence the Surface pro takes the crown here.

    Also the graphics of the Atom are not at all even good, wheras the graphics of the i5 are good enough to play current games at 1024x768 low settings wheras the Atom would choke on even the Counter Strike and GTA San Andreas.

    Also the screen resolution of the Surface Pro is 1920x1080 which is way better than 1366x768 of the Thinkpad 2.

    The RAM on the surface pro is just double the RAM of the Lenovo Thinkpad 2 and 2GB is not at all fit to today's standards

    The camera is better on the Lenovo one.. but really why do you need a Camera on a tablet? Both have front facing cameras though.

    So my recommendation would be to go for the Surface Pro. It is much better than the Lenovo Thinkpad 2 for any kind of work.
  5. Thank you both for your help it is just want I needed to know
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