How much power (w) is consumed by HD 6570?

I have bought Gigabyte radeon HD 6570 gpu. i was wondering that how much power (w) it will consume
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  1. Read This,2925.html need atleast 400W PSU with 24A on +V12 rail
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    Total system power for 6570 (loaded running furmark) is 204 Watts (You will be lower).
    Based on that a 350 Watt Tier 2 PSU would be fine.
    However if Planning n say running two 6570's in xfire, or at a latter date updating to a better GPU a 450 watt tier 2 (Possibly a tier 3) would be an excellent choice.

    PSU tier list:
  3. 44w for ddr3, 60w for gddr5. Depending on your other components you can run it on a good 200w. Though for most, a 300w will be required. Power requirements should be figured out with the specs of the system in question. Otherwise you're going to get guesstimates for your requirement.
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