[HELP] SSD- Low random (iops) read and write speeds

Hi All

I have installed a Samsung 840 PRO 128GB into a Toshiba P750-15L (http://www.toshiba.co.uk/discontinued-products/satellite-p750-15l/). However the random read/write speeds are a fraction of what has been advertised.

So far I have done the following:

- Ensured AHCI is enabled
- SATA 3 enabled
- TRIM enabled
- Write-caching enabled

I also had to remove the Intel AHCI driver and use the standard option as the Intel driver in fact reduced the speed even more. Below are the results from AS SSD:

Sequential Stats

Read: 492 mb/s (close to advertised speed 520 mb/s)
Write: 359.24 mb/s (close to advertised speed 390 mb/s)

Random Stats

Read: 10694 iops (should be 97000)
Write: 51376 iops (should be 90000)

How can I improve the scores? At the moment there doesn't seem to be a big difference in physical performance either compared to the previous HDD
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  1. Anybody?
  2. To anyone still looking at this check both the power cable and the sata cable to make sure they are not faulty. Also if you are not using a sata 6gbs cord it can slow it down.
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