Gifted 16 Gigs of 1600 ram (2 x 8) to go with another 8 (2 x 4) but clock still showing 1333?

As the title suggests I was recently given 16 gigs of corsair vengeance ddr3 @ 1600 so now I have 24 gigs, and I have made sure they are the same type, speed etc. but every time I try to increase the clock speed in the bios the computer wont boot and i have to go back to default (1333). Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Mobo: Intel DX79SI
CPU: Intel i7-3820
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    Need to try and run in dual channel, X79 (particularly an INtel mobo isn't going to like the mix of DRAM across four channels, Try with a *GB stick each in A1 and B1 and the 4 GB sticks in A2 and B2, will prob have to raise DRAM voltage about + 0.05 and may have to raise the MC (memory controller voltage)
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