Sonicwall TZ 105: How to setup a Home Network with the firewall?


I was curious if someone could help me out with setting up this recently purchased Sonicwall TZ 105. I use these firewalls heavily at work however I'm probably overlooking something and it's driving me bonkers. KISS probably applies, so hopefully another set or eyes will see the problem.

This is what I have currently:

I have Optimum Online Cable which is 30mbit dynamic IP
I have a Linksys (Cisco) N300 Wireless router that is connected to my Cable modem currently.
I have a TP-Link 8 port Layer 2 managed switch attached to the Linkysys with managed ports for testing purposes.

What I'm currently trying to do is connect my Linksys to the Cable modem and then connect the Sonicwall after the Linksys Router, after the Sonicwall it goes to the TP-link switch which then goes to the 7 computers I have at home. Basically the cable from the modem goes into the WAN port on the linksys, a cable connected to the lanp ort on the linksys goes to the WAN port on the sonicwall and then the lan port on the sonicwall goes to the managed switch. Now my thinking behind this (correct me if I'm wrong) is since I'm on a dynamic IP from my ISP, the Linksys router is required to translate the IP address for the Sonicwall to get a connection to the internet.

Currently this is how my setup at home is and I'm not able to get a connection after the sonicwall:

My linksys router is set to with a mask of with the two Optimum Online DNS server in the router. I've assigned the the Soncwall to have a LAN x0 IP of and the WAN IP is my public IP from my ISP. Now I think my logical is screwed up here and this is why it's not working. But basically I want to keep the Linksys router on the network so I can sustain wireless but I want to place this beefier Sonicwall so I can establish a Global VPN to my Sonicwalls at work. I want to say for the Links to work in front of the Sonicwall the LAN on x0 on the sonicwall needs to say (I'd change the switch connected to the sonicwall to the subnet) and the WAN x1 connected to the Links would need to be like say The whole purpose of me doing this is to learn as-well since I'm reading the material for the CSSA cert so I'd like to understand if I'm going about this all wrong or partial right or none of the above. I recently passed the Network + and Security + exams so the concepts all makes sense to me, I just think I'm doing it wrong and would like correction.

On the topic of my ISP connection the IP address is so that's what I set my WAN IP to, however I'm thinking that need to be a different IP address, but to me basically my modem is my gateway so that's my thinking with this...

I also have a Cisco Aironet AP I can setup for wireless if need be, so If it's easier to just setup the sonicwall to have its WAN port be directly connected straight from the ISP modem and then plug the Aironet into one of the ports on the Sonicwall or managed switch that's totally do-able, this way I could remove the linksys altogether. I'm just curious if this TZ 105 can translate a dynamic IP and be a intern DHCP server so this is why I'm thinking I need to keep the linksys in-front of the chain for NAT and as stated for DHCP. if someone could help me out with this it would be amazing.
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    Why are you trying to use both the N300 and the TZ 105 when you only need one of them? You are essentially putting a firewall behind a firewall.

    Properly configured, you only need one of them. In your case, I would go with the Sonicwall.
  2. Yup, that's what I'm going to do. I've been known to overthink things.... even at my day job as a IT manager. :rofl:
  3. I FULLY understand. Been there, done that. Got the headache.

    Good luck, my friend!
  4. Problem Resolved. one of the editors @ Tom's IT Pro, Ed Tittel got me in contact with a Sonicwall Guru.

    Every day this community solidfies my feels that it's one of the best in the industry for advise and learning.
  5. deathmage85 said:
    Problem Resolved. one of the editors @ Tom's IT Pro, Ed Tittel got me in contact with a Sonicwall Guru.

    Every day this community solidfies my feels that it's one of the best in the industry for advise and learning.

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