Graphics card issue! AHHHH HELP
Radeon 7850

Why is my video card doing this?! gahhh

This is the comp
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    Try latest driver for GPU. Or borrow a PSU and GPU from someone else to test. The image you posted looks like the GPU is faulty. Try those test to make sure the GPU is faulty or not. I doubt the PSU as its a low power unit and fail to provide sufficient power to GPU to run properly.

    If you are interested in buying a decent PSU :
  2. does it do this in all games? it looks like the gpu is faulty. if its doing this on all games and you have the most up to date drivers, i would get in touch with the manufacturer as soon as possible and get an RMA started
  3. I have noticed in Dirt 3, no issues with league of legends. Going to try Deus Ex now.

    No issue with Deus yet.

    Happens in dirt 3 when i crash into stuff.

    Any ideas? Make them replace it?
  4. So apparently this may just be what happens when you have an accident in dirt 3....DOH
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