my pc 50,000

budget pc (cpu only) in 50,000 Rs
and able to run the games like battlefienld 4, crysis 3, gta 5, watch dogs
and prefer 2tb hd min.
and prefer nvedia gtx 770
plzzzzzzzzzzzz hlp me out
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    Can't be bought.

    Things in India are tad more expensive.
    For example. GTX 770 - Rs. 35000 Approx.

    That is $600.
    You think you can manage to cram in a processor good enough to go with GTX 770 into remaining Rs. 15000? ($300?) ...
    Add Case, Good enough RAM, Power Supply, DVD R/W, Hard Disk, SSD (Possibly?) ... I don't think its possible.

    You need to spend at least Rs. 70000 to get a GTX 770 build or you may order it from USA (Shop & Ship) to India for less price but that would void the warranty of everything.
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