how to revert to factory windows 8 from win 8 pro

I bought a touch screen asus laptop with windows 8 (no optical drive), but installed windows 8 pro on in that my school gave me (with a serial key). Now I decided I want to use the key for a different laptop, but can't figure out how to revert my touchscreen to it's original windows 8 (no windows code given). If anybody can help I would be most appreciative. Thanks!
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  1. did you get the code through dreamspark? i believe those codes can be used on multiple pc's without issue.

    if not you will have to locate your original key (you say it wasnt provided, but it should be on a sticker or maybe in some of the paperwork that came with the laptop). you will also need to get the .iso file for the windows 8 and install it to a bootable flash drive so you can reinstall it.
  2. Im not really sure, but i think dreamspark keys can be used on any number of pc's you own and use yourself.
  3. I've never heard of dreamspark keys, but the one I have is only for one computer. I was hoping that the key/license that came from asus would be retained somewhere in the bios or partitioned off, but it's a little beyond my understanding of how. I'm thinking if I do a refresh or restore that it will still keep my windows pro and not revert to my original factory windows 8.
  4. I checked all the documents and stickers the pc came with and there was never any key given. I was guessing they did this so people couldn't sell their windows key if they didn't want to use it.

    thats all of the help i can give you for that. check out the program he mentions. for you it might give you both keys that have been registered to that machine, but im not completely sure
  6. Your laptop has the Windows key into the BIOS, so you won't need them during reinstallation.
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    Alabalcho said:
    Your laptop has the Windows key into the BIOS, so you won't need them during reinstallation.

    hmm yea this is new :

    I guess you just reinstall windows and it activates itself
  8. Thanks everybody for the help, I think I'll back up all my stuff, reinstall windows 8 and hope that the key is stored nice and secure in my BIOS. Cheers
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