Is my psu Modular, or not?

I got an 800w for my computer build, it was nice, the fan protection thing is golden and said (80+) everest fsp something and says toms hardware on it, i dont know what it says exactly cuz i dont really have it next to me atm. I think its modular, but when i opened it, i saw a bunch of cables wrapped around a black bag, and power cables built into it, i think, is there a way to remove them? can i just cut them and install the modular? please try to help (on amazon i found only the 1010w but looks exactly like mine). here's the link: ( please help, a nice little thanks in advance!
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  2. Nooooo, so I can't remove them >.<
  3. Nope
  4. Ty anyways I appreciated your help, i bought not from a local store, they recommended for my build either the 800w or 720w and my build was for 800w they let me choose
  5. FSP makes great power supplies.
  6. Thank you for adding that fsp makes great psu's, I was just about to ask you about it, thank you for your help, it was really appreciated, and it doesn't really matter for my if it has cables or not because they're all going to fit In a coolermaster's back that I'd designed to fit nice cables. Thank you! Oh and I don't know how to set best answer :0. If I mess up a lot in some posts, it's because I'm using my phone and no my computer.
  7. Just click on the pick as solution tab in the answer that helped you the most.
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