GTX 670 SLI... What second card?

I currently have 1 gtx 670, what i want to do is add another for sli. My 670 is the evga ftw 2 gb, im just wondering if id benefit from getting another of the exact card as my second because the thing is where id be buying it from they dont stock them anymore but the other thing is the ones they do stock are dirt cheap.. so basically my question is can anyone tell me the best one to get out of these.....

or shall i just splash out on another of the exact same card (cant find another new one for less than £300)

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  1. Thought so, i was hoping some of those cards on that link would be faster or as fast.. the evga ones are like £100 more, driving me nuts because on they all seem really really cheap.
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    You would be better off getting the same card. But if you shop around and find a card that matches the specs of the first card closely you should be OK as long as it is a GTX 670. Personally I would spend the extra to get the same card to be safe.
  3. Okay ill get another of the same, i do like the evgas anyway.. thanks a lot gents!
  4. No problem good luck with you SLI setup. I can say with out a doubt I have really enjoyed my Gigabyte GTX 670 SLI setup I built in January. It has not failed me even once and has handled any game I have thrown at it to date. And in games that support it I have had a great time playing them in Surround at 5760x1080 ultra/max. When I started I would have never dreamed I would be running a Eyefinity/Surround with 3 Asus 27" monitors. The biggest hurdle was finding a deskop that would support one large 27" monitor let alone 3 of them! It defiantly get the WOW factor from friends when they come over. But that is not the reason I built it.

    Now if I could find a triple monitor stand that can handle 3 Asus 27" monitors that does not cost the same amount of money I spent on all three monitors!
  5. I havent bought the evga one.. but ive seen the zotac amp edition is now at scan for £200, this is even more powerful than the evga. Anyone think I should get that and save £100?
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