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Hello everyone.

I work for a small business and I'm fishing for suggestions on offsite backup solutions. I looked at barracuda, carbonite, etc, but none of those seem to fill our needs or are too pricy. We need to back up TB's of data (at least 10, and will continue to grow). Mozy seems to be a good short term solution at 7.2 TB's, but as I said: we need more than that.
Any recommendations?

PS: I know I could also try setting up our own storage servers offsite and back them up there but I'm pretty sure my boss would rather pay for that service and not have to spend his or anyone else's time working on and maintaining our own offsite backup solution. I'm still open to this idea, though, if you guys think this is the obvious way to go.
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  1. I am also curious about where this thread goes.

    I can't imagine this being anything but physical transport due to the volume, like back in the day when we would ship out a box of magnetic tape backup weekly/monthly.
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    our work looked into this a well. It came down to how much data has to be backed up, the cost per gig, and how long it would take going over the internet. We ended up going with as you can make it custom to what you need.
  3. I have a small business and was looking for backup solutions meet our high data storage needs at reasonable costs... I opted for backup solution exceptionally awesome in terms of costs and better features
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