Motherboard USB problems.ASRock 970 Extreme 3

I got a new motherboard from micro center and I installed it along with an FX 8320 and a MSI Radar on HD 7770 1 GB edition. So the USB ports will power my phone but there is no data connection. I don't have Windows installed yet so that could be the reason and it may also be because I don't have the drivers yet. It does not power my keyboard or my other keyboard. I have not tried my mouse. Is this because I have not installed the drivers? Thanks and Help is MUCH appreciated.( I have also installed a PCI USB card that adds 4 ports and it also does the same thing.
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  1. boosted1g said:
    Do you have RAM in the machine?

    Are you turning it on?

    There will be no usb data connection without windows and drivers.

    With cpu, motherboard, ram, power supply you should be able to boot into the bios and use the keyboard there.
    I have everything. The problem is that it isn't reading my keyboard. It boots into bios and say F2 to enter setup but my computer doesn't go anywhere andy keyboard does not light up. The weird thing is that it powers my phone?? I don't get it.
  2. boosted1g said:
    Do you have a different keyboard to try?

    Is this a wired or wireless keyboard?

    It is a wired keyboard. And yes I have tryed another keyboard on it too.
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