Planetside 2 Server problems

After creating my character it says all the servers have a 0 population and if i try entering into one nothing happens and it just puts me back to character creation. i tried restarting steam and restarting my computer.
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  1. check your firewall it could be blocking the game.
  2. i use avast. does it block it? i run planetside 2 as admin
  3. i would get rid of avast anyway, its a system hog and can cause random problems and performance issues.

    grab commodo internet secutiry or avg instead.
  4. Thanks! I disabled avast for the time i play the game and it works
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    i would honestly get rid of avast completely it really is terrible software.

    you will probably even notice better performance and your pc will be more responsive.

    also grab ccleaner and run the file cleaner then the registry cleaner multiple times till it finds no errors once you remove avast.
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