Wondering which gtx 770 to get

Hey guys. I've bought two 7970s in the past month, and both have had some defect. So now I am looking at the gtx 770 as a gpu, and would like your guys' opinion on two things. One, is it worth it to get the 4gb version? I play Skyrim heavily modded w/ texture packs, so I'm thinking yes. Also, which version of the 770 do you think is best? Thanks all.
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    I would recommend the EVGA GTX770 as it comes with great cooling, is quiet, already overclocked, and a really good price. In my opinion this is the best GTX 770.
  2. I have EVGA Overclocked 770, so far have had no issues and runs like a champ, it even comes with back plate which adds to aesthetics of your rig.
  3. Yah, I was looking at that one... The big question is whether or not 4gb of vram is worth it or not? Also, I could do two 760s in an sli config. Thoughts?
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