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we had a lightning storm, so i shut down my mac, and unplugged it. waitd a while, restrated the mac. now the arrow is stuck in upper left screen, not responding. changed bat in wireless mouse, no help. tried another mac keyboard and mouse, direct wire, no help. tried restrating mac several times same thing. plugged in my iphone to all 4 (2 back, 2 front) usb ports, and only one ofthe back ports powers the iphone. I cant reset pram, or anything like that because the mac doesn't reocgnize the keyboard or mouse. I tried pluggin everything into the usb port that powered the iphone, but they do not respond. I cannopt open the drive to restart with install cd, because I cannot open the drive. help?
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  1. also, I have a power mac 1,1, running system snow leaopard.
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