This $500 Build? Good/Bad?

Also i kind of want to switch out AMD to intel .. help with that please
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  1. It's a good build for that price, you'll definitely want a bit more than 4GB or ram (i'd suggest 8). And also, you can get the FX-6300 for the same price as the 6100 right now, for an easy 15% performance increase. At this price range, this build will be better than an i3, which is what you'd probably be getting if you wanted to keep at $500 with all those parts. If you can jump up a bit and afford an i5, then it's better than AMD.
  2. Which i5 do I get and which ram .. please give me links thank you!
  3. Also this build can run like BF3 at 30fps right or more.. ?
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    At 1920x1080, it should run you on High settings at 30fps.

    A good, but cheaper i5:

    For ram just add nother 4 GB stick (buy a 2x4GB kit) like this:
  5. Definitely the FX 6300 [ it over powers any of the intel dual cores ]

    The asrock 970 extreme 3 is the same price but has better overclocking potential than the ASUS LE

    2 x4 gig of RAM

    Corsair CX 500 psu $40 . Better than the junk thermaltake

    Radeon 7850's are as low as $130
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