ASUS p9x79 deluxe auto shutdown in high cpu temp

Hi, how can i set a temperature in which my pc will auto shutdown if my cpu reaches that temperature? I know that is not the solution to my problem (my cooler stops functioning all of a sudden once in a few days..) but i need this for securing that my cpu wont burn till my new cooler arrives. Thank you very much
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  1. Hi, Asus Suite II has a program called Probe II that has a temperature tab that allows you to set the temperature threshold and you'll be alerted when it reaches that point. You can setup both the CPU and the motherboard this way. I'm not sure if it will shut you pc down so you are going to have to be careful until your new cooler arrives.
  2. I avoid using it with temperature monitor cause it is too buggy. It used to give me crazy values and false alarms so i had to disable the temperature monitoring through AI suite. I m using RealTemp instead. Do you happen to know any way that i can do it through there? It has an option with warning but no shutdown, but im quite sure that it can be done somehow. Thanks alot
  3. Anyone plz? this is urgent :(
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