Which graphic card gives best performance?

I would like to buy a new laptop, I struck with 3 models which are having same configuration except in case of graphic cards. Please help me to choose.
1gb Nvidia gt740 M
2gb AMD HD8670 M
2gb AMD HD8730 G
out of these 3 which gives the best performance either for Gaming or Video processing?
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    The Nvidia GT740M is going to be the best of those 3 for gaming, by a lot.
  2. Answer here

    8670M - 146th place
    8730M - 129th place
    740M - 85th place
  3. Thank you... Seladon & JackNaylorPE
    I will go for Nvidia 740m
  4. No problem, we're here for that, sir !
    Remember to pick your solution.
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