Best quiet pc case with decent airflow?

Hi, I recently returned my cooler master haf 932. It is a great case but it was too large and let out to much noise. Keep in mind though that I get very petty over noise levels... Anyway I am thinking of getting a new case but cannot decide on which one :) I would like a case that has silencing capabilities but also has options for good airflow. Any suggestions would be welcome :)
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  1. Fractal define r4. It's one of the best silent cases and being a mid tower, it has all the expansion space you need.
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    I'm partial to the controls....200m side fan ....don't hear nuttin.....4 fans come with case....6 more fan mounts ....not a behemoth either

    Used in in about 10 builds this year .... $140 MSRP is usually between $70 and $100 on newegg
  3. Thank you everyone for all the help. I think I will probably get the r4. :-) thanks again!!!
  4. NZXT H440 might be great choice has decent airflow and the best thing is has NOISE DAMPING FOAM on each panel..which is really awesome :)
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