My 3dmark11 scores on Dual 7950s. Please answer.

Hi. I got 14474 on the graphics score on performance preset 3dmark11. Is this good? What high end single card does this equal?

The single 7950 showed 8116 graphics score.

I think my i7 920 CPU is old and slow now. My Physics tests are like 5k and combined scores are also like 5k which is terrible isn't it.
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    A single GTX Titan gets 14275. It is the best single GPU on the market right now. (GTX 690 and HD 7990 are both dual GPUs)
  2. So my two 7950s got more than a Titan. That's good to know. They were not overclocked either as I won't dare do it in this Alienware Aurora case. And one of the cards is brand new I think I'm supposed to use it for like two weeks before attempting overclocking.
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