Worth upgrading from 9800GTX+?

Hello, I have a Nvidia 512MB 9800GTX+ in my machine and I want to run FSX better.

It does run stable at 25fps+ but I would like to get this higher as it is choppy sometimes.

I was thinking of the GTX480 as that seems reasonably priced. Do you think I will see a performance increase, is it worth a purchase?

Other specs are(it's an old PC) OC Core2Duo e4500 2.8ghz, 4GB 940mhz
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  1. Dude.....
    Going from a 9800GTX to a GTX 480 is like....massive! But why the 480? It big and power hungry. What about something with better performance like a GTX 660 which is fairly cheap.
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    IIRC FSX works better on quad-core CPUs than on dual cores. Think about a MB/CPU upgrade. Adding more RAM could reduce the choppiness too. You need a 64-bit Windows to take advantage of more than 4 GB of RAM.

    The GTX 480 is several times faster than what you have (,2664.html), but there are better options now, e.g. the GTX 770.

    If you do buy the GTX 480, you need a PSU with at least 550W.
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