EVGA GTX 660 SC crashing entire system at 80C... fan only hitting 52% max


I've got a GTX 660 SC 2GB and it seems to consistently crash my entire system during heavy games (but perfectly stable in desktop).

Basically the temp gets around 80C (and for some reason fan maxes out at 52%) and everything goes black and i have to hard re-boot. Occasionally, the GPU fan explodes to 100% at the moment the crash occurs.

My card at idle is around 40C, 30% fan speed (dual monitor setup, but only use one at 1920 x 1080 when gaming)

I've uploaded a couple youtube videos to demonstrate the problem...

Artifacting around 80C (look for popups/flashes in the game closely)

Eventual freeze of entire system (note the buzzing sound after crash is coming from the speakers, not the system)

(1) Is this a valid case for RMA?
(2) Shouldn't the card be stable at 80C still?
(3) Why is the fan maximized at 52%?
(4) Any suggestions?

For what it's worth.... system specs:
Asrock Z77 Pro4 mobo
Intel core I5-3570k (stock)
EVGA GTX 660 SC 2 GB (stock)
Antec Earthwatts 650W

Thank you so much everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The SC series over the last few generations is the only factory overclocked card Im aware of that the manufacturer uses a reference PCB and VRM.... Asus, Gigabyte and MSI have historically used custom PCBs and beefed up VRMs w/ more phases to "spread the load" and run cooler.

    try using Precision or Afterburner to increase fan profile.
  2. Hi Jack,

    Thanks for reply! Trying a custom fan profile was certainly the next step and I'll try it...

    But just curious, since I'm not really messing with overclocking/changing settings... shouldn't it be normal to expect the card to run perfectly fine with stock drivers/stock software?

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