i5 4570 vs i5 4670?

hey guys

To save money, i've decided to get a i5 4570 or 4670 instead of the 4670k. Is there much difference between the i5 4570 and the 4670? will the 4570 perform good in task such as gaming, word processing and other single threaded applications and occasionally multi threaded?

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  1. are you going to overclock and any other application? if not then you are fine.
  2. I'm afraid i may mess up and i don't want to shorten my life span. Mostly gaming and working!
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    The i5-4570 is clocked a slight bit slower than the i5-4670. It might do a little difference in games, but probably not something you will be able to tell in the real world unless you are playing something like Crysis 3 on ultra settings. 0 difference on word processing and those other kind of applications.
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