What should I upgrade next, CPU or Video card that is my video card that is my processor

which do yall think i should upgrade first...also dont ask why amd and intel...this just happened and well it works haha
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  1. Your next upgrade should be on your GPU.
  2. gpu, should get if your budget is this $250 - 760 GTX, 7950 (might be pushing it not sure how much your current CPU could bottleneck it)
    $200 - 7870


    are one of these worth the upgrade? and if so which would be better...or is it literally the same
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    I would rather get the Sapphire one than the MSI one. And yes, they are totally worth the upgrade, those cards are about the best price/performance ratio on the market right now, and they deliver a ton of performances. It is about as good as a GTX 760, or just a slight, slight bit behind, on some games, and it is quite a lot cheaper.
  5. thank both of yall sooooooo much just bought it :P haha...i also get 3 free games...only want two of them haha
  6. That CPU is just fine, go with a GPU upgrade, if you're looking for good budget performance the 7950 is a good choice, if you have a few bucks to spend the new nVidia solutions are great as well, and if you have time to save up a few more bucks, you can wait a couple more months for the new AMD offerings.
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