ram question; thermal grease??

Im having a somewhat educational debate with a buddy; and he says that when using - "ram thermal grease", (he cannot remember the exact name), - can result in better results. i.e. better/tighter timings, overclocking/voltage upping; etc...

what is this grease he speaks of?

( can I call him a liar-haha)

- update: he apparently applied this "grease" to the gold fingers that made contact with the ram slots on the mobo.
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    Not really, the best greases for ram are non-conductive greases. Céramique was a popular choice, but it has been a while since I checked the cooling performance of thermal compounds. The real performance from applying thermal grease to RAM would be very negligible since newer CPU's have a bigger L2 and L1 caches. Pretty much all mid to high end RAM will have a heat spreader and factory applied thermal compound. Overclocking RAM will give you better synthetics, but not by a significant amount.
  2. You DO NOT apply thermal compound to DRAM gold contacts
  3. Not the first time...

    ...kind of funny actually. (Sounds like a troll post, actually.)

    Anyways, like the above said, never do that to the DRAM.
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