How will this budget build perform?

How will this gaming pc that I built play LoL? I mean the fps? and how would it play battlefield ini 1080p?
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  1. Not bad build for the price, but if you could I would up it to at LEAST the GTX 650ti Boost or the Radeaon 7790. With that set up you have now, prob 25 - 35 FPS on medium IF that.
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    It's more than enough for LoL, it'll run 60 fps constantly in Max setting on LoL and 35 to 60 run medium to high settings in Battlefield 3 1080p, depending on the map and player count.
    The more players and Map detail and destruction, the more the game becomes CPU intensive.

    The CM Hyper 212 Evo is a good cooler, I overclocked my i5 2500k from 3.3 to 4.4 ghz and runs below 60 celsius in CPU demanding games like MMO's. I think you can overclock your GPU's clock speed to gain more performance.
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