Unable to hear audio in movie files (.avi, .mpeg, .mp4)


I don't know how peculiar my problem is, but I'm unable to to hear audio when I play video files on my Dell Laptop (Inspiron N5110). It is about an year and a half old.
My speakers are working perfectly fine when I play any other sound file (like .mp3, Youtube videos and sounds online). It seems that only audio of video files is affected. I cannot watch downloaded videos on my laptop! Please help! :??:
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  1. Which OS, and is it the N version of Windows? If so, you need to install the free pack from HERE. Then all players will work normally.
  2. No, sadly.. It's Windows 7 Home basic & it is not included among the system requirements of the service pack you gave me.

    I appreciate it. Thank you.
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    Home Basic lacks the media player that has all the codecs needed as you can see HERE.

    I would use THIS free player and the KLite Codec pack from HERE.
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