Asus A88XM FM2+ board

Hi y'all, I'd like you opinion on the following:

FM2+ will be (may the rumors be true) a longlasting socket with compatibility for AMD's current Trinity and Richland APU's, as well as support for upcomming Kaveri AND possibly successor Carrizo. This really fits my need for the system I'm building now.

The problem is in that last word, NOW ... with the release of Gigabyte's FM2+ lineup (and thus AMD's first sniper board) being rumored together with Kaveri end 2013 - start 2014, the only plausible option seems Asus' A88XM. But since I heavely rely on reviews, I'm in a bit of doubt here. Any thoughts on what I should do?

PS: YES, this is a double posted topic. I made sure to help out on a number of other problems (2x best solution) to justify it.
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    Im sure the Asus board is a corker.
  2. Uther39 said:
    Im sure the Asus board is a corker.

    Which means I should get it? I'm not natively english, so some expressions, like this one, are unknown to me :p

    You won't happen to have anything to back that up? ... Ah, I'll probably get it anyway.
  3. It means its good hehe, 12 years experience with Asus boards, they dont often get it wrong.
  4. Ok, thanks for the encouragement!
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