Your thoughts about my new gaming pc (cheap)

Hi guys.As said i would like you to rate my build im willing to buy.

Amd fx 6300
G skill ripjaws 2x4 1333mhz
Asus hd 7870 2Gb
Gigabyte Ga-78lmt usb3

thats it pretty much.About the psu do u think i will need a 600w one?or around 500w would be fine?Thanks in advance
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  1. That motherboard is a bit on the cheap and old side but it will work. I would try to go for a 970 chipset board.

    500w will be fine. Make sure it is Antec, XFX, Corsair, Seasonic.
  2. I agree with Tiny Voices about the motherboard. Even on a budget, do NOT get one of the cheap MSI 970 boards; they have weak VRMs that pop under load.
  3. could u suggest me any good cheap motherboard cause im on tight budget :)
  4. The cheapest one I think I could recommend is this ASRock, which is $85 but has a combo with the FX-6300 right now:

    A cheaper one that might be ok is this $70 Biostar: . There is an AM3+ phasing spreadsheet I cannot link at work that I would need to check first, to make sure it doesn't have VRM problems. If it doesn't, I'd probably risk this one on a budget.
  5. That board is an abomination. It is not a true 970 board; it's an old 770-series board with a modern socket tacked onto it. Instead of a SB950 Southbridge, it has the old SB710 on it.
  6. hahahaha abomination hahahaha. so there is nothing good around 60-70 euros?
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    I checked the spreadsheet: . As you can see, the Biostar is ok for overclocking, and supports 140W CPUs. If you can get that one, it should be good, and cheap.
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