im ready for overclocking ( a call for PSU Expert )

I have a pc that is used daily to play games, all the components are water cooled and this is my first water cooled, I think it's time to overclock, will be my first time, I want to overclock to the limit


i5 3570K (3.4 to 4.5 for daily to 5.0 for the benchmark ) = OC plan

msi 7870 (1050 - 1350 for daily) = OC plan

sabertooth Z77

2 X 4 Corsair vengeance 1600

5 X Delta afb1212sh (Rated Voltage: 12V
Operating Voltage Range: 7 ~ 13.8V
Input Current: 12:53 Amp
Input Power: 6.36W

1 X Delta ffb1212sh (Rated Voltage: 12V
Operating Voltage Range: 7 ~ 13.2V
Input Current: 1:24 Amp
Input Power: 12.36W

1 X Swiftech 35X (18W)

1 X 500GB HDD

1 X 128GB SSD

3 X 12 "Cold Cathode

My problem is my Seasonic power supply G550, do you think it's enough? possible with stock speeds, but I want to overclock that I have not been able to know how much, and I will not start it until I know if G550 is able to deal with it

the review said it can deliver 650W under load, but I do not want that to happen

according to your calculation of how much power is generated from all of my components? ( Max )

because I do not want to exceed the limit of my psu ability , there is still enough headroom?
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    That setup will be fine with the 550. At max load, you should be pulling ~475w at 4.7ghz using 1.6vcore. The 7870 will pull ~130w at stock load and maybe 170w with o/c. Stock 7870 plus 4.7 o/c will need about 31 amps on the 12v or 35-38 amps with gpu o/c. The seasonic has 45amps on the 12v rail.

    You should be good to go.

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