Quick question: Corsair Neutron GTX or Samsung 840 [non-pro]

I'm seeing some deals local to my area and want to know the best deal I can get.

Corsair Neutron GTX 120GB - $130 USD
Samsung 840 [non-pro] 250GB - $170 USD

I've read the reviews for both of them and want to know if the performance of the Corsair SSD is better or if the $40 is enough to warrant the Sammy SSD.

Please provide any useful links/articles to help me choose which one to get.

I currently reside in the Philippines which is why prices may be a bit skewed depending on which store you're referencing the prices. I want to get the Sammy SSD but won't have another ~$50 to spend until the next 15 days.

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    I'd take the larger Samsung 840. If it were the 120GB Samsung 840 however, I'd choose the Corsair, hands down. HardOCP was very critical of the vanilla 840 for poor [write] performance.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply, Onus. If they were both 120GB variants I'd also take the Corsair since it's the GTX variant. Glad to know my thoughts were [somewhat] right. Looks like I'll have to break the bank for this one but I'll bet it'll be worth it. Thanks again!
  3. I'd get that 840. I'm on the verge of buying one myself. 160GB alone isn't cutting it...
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