Asus Z87 (any) vs MSI Gaming Z87 (any)

Which is the better board to put with an i7 4770k build?

I've heard good and bad about both, just need more opinion.

Also want to point to my other thread on my build for any more opinions, after the MOBO, looking at RAM options, whether to keep my current 4x4GB Ripjaw G-Skill 1600mhz for either Z87 board.
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  1. Asus seems to have the best handle on the Haswell CPUs of the Big 3 (Asus, the Rock and GigaByte), MSI I simply won't touch for builds, poor QC and support...they've been continually sliding downhill since 2009
  2. Depends what features you want. But I'd try to get at least an Asus Z87-A or MSI Z87-G45 Gaming.
  3. I don't need any special features other than the basics that come with the MOBO. I don't use the built in monitor ports, nor sound. I will only be using the USB and Ethernet ports.'

    I've read that MSI has been going downhill as well.
  4. Sadly yes, keep hoping they'll turn around, but they don't really seem to care, may figure they can live off their name for a couple more years
  5. Well that's not good.

    Would you suggest an Asus Z87-Pro or the -A?

    I personally don't care about colour scheming, I have Red RAM, blue lights, and if I get the ASUS a gold board, I just use my system at home and only take it out to spray clean it :P
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    Of those two, I'd go the Pro, but right in between, if it meets your needs, might take a look at the Gryphon, sweet mobo!
  7. Many thanks Tradesman1! :)
  8. No problem, let us know how it goes
  9. Man it's sad that MSI is sliding downhill, still have an old MSI 9600GT gpu wich has worked perfectly for over 6 years, but i wouldn't trust their recent fabrications to last as long. But have fun with the pro if you get it, it's a really nice mobo ;).
  10. Sorry to ask Tradesman1. If say in Malaysia Asus is very expensive. Do you recommend I get Asrock Z87 Extreme 6 (Rm699?) Or MSI Z87-GD65 gaming (RM649?) And you think MSI z87-gd65 gaming winning the COmputex 2013 is absolute BS?
    Thanks for helping.
  11. In that case I'd go the ASRock, as for winning Computex or any other award and same for reviews, you have to consider, that the mobos that are provided for competition and reviews are all hand culled and selected for those purposes (and all mobo makers do this), while those type results are something to look at I lean more heavily on the mobos that are sent out to be placed on the shelves for sale to people, I get more problem calls on MSI based mobo systems than any other 2 mobo makers put together, i.e. Asus and GB both sold about 4 times as many mobos each as MSI in 2012 (so together about 40 million to MSIs 5 million - yet more problems with MSI (total) than Asus and GB together - has to make one think about MSIs QC (quality Control)
  12. Actually to tell you the truth, if I were in USA I would buy ASUS without a second thought. Unfortunately ASUS is overprice in Malaysia. So Asrock/GB is sufficiently good by today's standards? Frankly speaking the VRMs on the MSI Gaming series motherboard not good for constant 24/7 OC (HOT!!) Asrock Z87 Extreme 6 VRMs is it as good as UD3H?
  13. Drop us an update on your build, will be looking for it ;)
  14. Planned CPU: i7 4770k, overclocking to 4.1 ghz
    MB: Asrock Z87 Extreme 6 (RM699) / Extreme 4 (RM599) / Gigabyte Z87x-Ud3H (RM759) or MSI Z87-GD65 (RM649)
    RAM: 8GB G.Skill Sniper
    Cooler: CM V6GT
    HDD: Plextor M5S 128GB+ 2TB WD Green HDD
  15. Oh yeah. Seagate barracuda reliable or not?
  16. Yep, I normally look to WD first then SeaGate
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