Seagate ST2000DM001 2TB Not Detected

I have Crosshair V Formula Z and every time i connect the drive into any of the sata ports it just frezees at Post with
"0d" code that honestly doesnt help me at all.

Tried unplugging the drive and set to IDE Mode, still nothing.
The WD Caviar Black of my friend works just fine, and the only way to acces my drive is by connecting it using a usb adapter and plug it from behind while the OS is in my friend's drive
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  1. check the cable connections, i remember having a faulty sata ports which gave me a headache trying to solve it.
    just connect the other hdd sata ports
  2. i tried every single sata port :(
  3. Ok so .. i connect the drive to another machine and i was able to boot from cd windows 8 installation but when i got to the part where u select the drive .. it appear that i have one partition still even tho in windows disk management it shows as a single 1.82Tb drive

    Is there a way to erase those partition effectly? used easeus but it also shows as sinlge partition.
    Pls any help, advice would be tottally welcome im getting sick of this
  4. during the installation, click the advanced drive options link. From there delete all the partitions you find. If they say 'unallocated' then thats not a partition; its a representation of the space available to partition. From here if you want to use the entire drive make sure its all unallocated, select the drive, and click next.
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    Thanks but i just solved it yesterday .... my drive had like these partition hidden so used partition Guru .. erased all of em and also fixed the MBR with the same program and walla.. Working perfectly again and now my Crosshair V Formula Z finally recognized it .
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