All internet browsers keep crashing.

Hey Tom's,

So I just threw together a comptuer for myself to use as a garage computer/ browsing computer. It seems to be having issues with the internet browsers though. IE9 as well as the latest installment of Chrome crash after abotu 20 seconds of browsing. Any thoughts of what it could be? Here are the specs:

Athlon XP 2500+ (Barton)
80GB Seagate IDE
Nvidia GeForce GT430 PCI
Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 500
Cooler Master Elite 343.

As far as I know, the processor does not venture above 50-52C in temperature.

Any suggestions would be awesome, I am going to reinstall Windows today.

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  1. What Bit is your System 32 or 64?
  2. Well, the PSU is low-quality, but your system isn't loading it down at all.
    Check your Windows Event Logs for relevant messages. You could have a RAM problem, so test your RAM with memtest86+.
  3. I'll make sure to run some RAM tests; I reinstalled Windows as well, since I wasnt losing anything on the computer.

    I chose the power supply because I wasnt using it, and the TDP of most of the components there is pretty low. Its a 32-bit os, since AMD processors didnt support 64-bit until the Athlon 64 and 64 X2.
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