32 bit vs 64 : HDD / SSD read-write speed

32 bit vs 64 bit operating systems, both installed on 64 bit hardware, which one is faster for reading / writing internal hard disk drive / solid state drive?

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  1. Unless you are looking at the benchmarks, I doubt that you would notice any appreciable difference. The bottle neck is the speed of the I/O device. Of course SSD will be faster than HDD. To quote Spock: "A difference that makes no difference, is no difference"
  2. there should be no difference at all drastically out of the boundaries of error.
  3. I've found some benchmark results:

    1GB RAM, Core2 1.83Ghz:
    Dbench is giving slightly better results for 32, PostMark giving slightly better for 64.

    4GB, i7 1.6Ghz:
    No Dbench, PostMark is giving way better results for 64.
  4. 64-bit is the way of the future. Its performance will only get better.
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