How do I take apart and put together a computer?

I recently bought a new case for my gaming computer and I was wondering how I would take my current computer apart. Like, what parts should I take out first to make it easier for myself. Then which parts should I put in first when I'm putting it back together in my new case. I've done builds before, but I've always had trouble fitting some pieces in, maybe it's just because I've always had smaller cases, but I'd enjoy a few drone opinions.
Thank you!
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    Remove the PSU & drives first along with all cabling. That will leave plenty of room to get at the MB. Assemble in reverse.
  2. There are several part to this, but this shows you how to build a pc. Watch this before doing anything (all the parts). Then you should be able to reverse the steps easily. I think seeing it done is easier then someone just giving you the steps.
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