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I have been trying to build my first computer, I got the following components:
Z87 Pro
intel i5-4570
sandisc 128GB SSD
Fractal design newton 600 PSU
fractal design R4 case
GTX 555 (donated)
2 x 4GB corsair vengeance DDR3

I was following the official ASUS youtube video for building with a Z87 pro motherboard and all seemed to be going well, until I turned it on this is.

At first I got a blinking red red light on the DRAM, this eventually changed to a sold light, after looking up the troubleshooting I figured this was due to memory incompatibility and following advice given to others I went about removing one stick and swapping it in to different DIMMs, I eventually got it so that that the light disappeared.

The problem I am having is that I can't get the a picture on my TV, I am running through an HDMI cable but the picture is blank, the red display that usually indicates temperature also sometimes changes to "AE"
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    Do you have a DVI cable laying around?
    If so try connecting your monitor with that.
  2. I think I must have had a lose connection or something. I removed the GPU, rechecked all of the connections and ran with 1 stick of RAM and used the onboard graphics - it booted in to bios straight away.
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