Freezing Screen Again?

I have recently been using my laptop and noticed that it freezes from time to time, usually for about two minutes, sometimes even BSOD'ing and then not starting up correctly multiple times. I run Skype all the time, so this is where I notice it. I'll be typing mid-text, and my whole computer freezes up besides the desktop and my bottom bar.

Computer Specs:
Gateway NE56R13u
Intel B820
15.6" 16:9 HD LED LCD
Intel HD Graphics
4 GB DDR3 Memory (Added 2 GB)
320 GB HDD
DVD-Super Multi DL drive
6-cell Li-ion battery

Most of the time I can run my computer without a hitch, but it's starting to not respond more often and at the worst of times. I fear that this may be an aftereffect of a Trojan: DOS/Alureon.A virus which I found in my computer awhile back, which ended up killing my computer until I did a system wipe. The symptoms were the same then, as they are now. Freezing, Blue Screening, etc.

Many of my security scanners (Malwarebytes and Microsoft Essentials) have recently been lagging as well with the scans, jumping Time Started counters many times. Also, I haven't been able to find any forms of viruses on my laptop using any other scanners.

What could this be? Or am I doomed to restore my computer once more from a virus?
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    try making your pc to "optimize for best it in safe advanced system settings the desktop related........
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