Is the Radeon HD 7970 still worth buying for 2013-2014?

Alright, so I have been looking at some AMD cards, and I'm surprised for how good they are, and they're only around 300-400$ for a nice gaming rig. But then I looked more into it, and the card is only 2 years old.

Compared to nividias cards, like the 770 and 780 cards, but the problem is, I'll like to spend 2K on my rig, but those cards are bit to much to pay for, and I could use that extra few 100s$ to maybe get something else.

So is the 7970 still good for 2013? and upcoming for 2014? and what brand, and model should I get? I was looking at sapphire, MSI, and XFX after some googling, but what would be good?

Sapphire has a cool deal where if you buy their cards, you'll get some free games, like car cry 3, blooddragon, hitman, etc.

Sapphire radeon vapor x hd 7970 :

Sapphire radeon hd 7970 OC :

MSI Radeon HD 7970 Twin Frozr :

XFX Radeon HD 7970 Double D :
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    Do not get the XFX version. I had such good results with the other XFX cards I've owned that I bought their HD7970. Big mistake. It was hot, screaming-loud, and XFX tech support was unresponsive. I replaced it with the Gigabyte Windforce-3 version, and that one has been great. It runs coolly, and is much quieter. It's overkill for my games, but I originally bought it for bitmining, so the gaming is just a nice bonus. Nothing I've got stresses it at all.
  2. u_gonna_squeal_b4_we_cookya said:
    It depends on what resolution your monitor is, if you are using more than one monitor, what detail settings you want to get and what your monitor's refresh rate (and thus framerate) is.

    If you have a typical 1080p, 60 Hz monitor and you will be OK with high to very high settings on future games then the 3 GB 7970 will be fine for several years to come. If at one point in the future the 7970 is unable to meet these standards, then you can always add a second in crossfire. If your monitor has a higher resolution and refresh rate or you have multiple-monitors, then a 6 GB would be a better option and will be more "future-proof" (I hate that term).

    As for which one, like you said the free games with the Sapphire are a great deal. The regular "overclocked" one (the second one in your list) is the cheaper of the Sapphires and actually has a lower clock speed than the Vaporx. This is the one I would get since your goal is to save as much money as possible. It is a bit more than the MSI and XFX, but you will be getting several games for free which if you were to buy them would cost you more in the long run with the MSI or XFX.

    Alright man, I'll go with the sapphire radeon HD 7970 OC
  3. Absolutely! It's still the top#1 video card in the market. I got my XFX R7970 black edition in less than $4xx at

    It works well with Wot (world of tanks) and any latest hardware driven games! :bounce:
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