Will this CPU bottleneck this GPU?

I currently have an i7 870 @ 2.93 GHz CPU and I was wondering if it would bottleneck the ASUS GTX 660.

Here's the link to the GPU:
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    You shouldn't see any performance drops from the CPU with that GPU. Your processor has a little age to it, but it still holds it own very well compared to Ivy and Haswell i5 processors.
  2. You may see screen tearing if so, turn VSYNC on to run at your monitors refresh rate, that usually decreases tear. That CPU is outdated and that GPU is pretty good.
  3. Also, it does depend on what you plan to do with this PC, gaming I'm assuming? If so, then it should do just fine. Some games that are not well optimized to utilize the full potential of a quad core might see some performance hits though, just a heads up. All in all, it depends from scenario to scenario.
  4. There is quite a price war blooming between the GTX660 and the Radeon HD7870.

    The longer you wait ... the better for your wallet.
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