Need a good cheap reliable Power Supply for first build

This will be my first build:

The estimated wattage is 358W.
Please recommend a good PSU that will last me around 5 years until I make a new build. I wont add anything to this build that would make it need more power (GPU). I'm also not overclocking. I want to spend less than $65.
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  2. ^+1 that, the CX series are great PSU's and are extremely affordable. I have a cx430 and cx500 in my two builds and couldn't be happier.
  3. I was looking to get that one but then someone else said that it wasn't a good one and that an XFX would definitely be better. But I guess two beats one.
    Is that enough watts though?
  4. OK I guess I'll go with that.
    Thanks everyone for your time and help. :)
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