PC only boots with 1 Ram, both slots work

For the last couple days Windows 7 would constantly reboot and freeze at the loading screen.

After some trouble shooting I ran a full install. Everything was back to normal until after a few hours of service updates the computer froze and stopped responding.

LED lights would come on and fans would blow but no beeps. I removed 1 stick of 1GB RAM and viola it worked. I tried every configuration and the only limiting factor is to run 1 stick in a slot, doesn't matter which slot.

Core 2 Duo E7500 @ 2.93ghz
MoBo: MSI G41TM-E43
Memory: 2x 1GB DDR2 667 @ 1.8v
G Card: Radeon HD 5570
Power Supply: Antec 500D Green
HD: Western Digital 7200rpm 500GB 16MB

I thought it might be a power supply issue but the unit is only a couple years old and it should be more than enough.
I am guessing something might be messed up on my mobo/bios.
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  1. does it matter which stick?
    Bad memory stick?
  2. It sounds like a memory problem, however. .If it runs ok with either stick of ram in any slot, but fails to boot into windows with two gig of ram, it is likely the power supply showing its age. Holding the system back with less ram is allowing the power suply to keep up with the processor
    Sorry, i didnt see it was recent psu but if the memory is good its still a suspect. .
  3. It doesn't matter which stick nor which slot only as long as I only had 1 stick in. I am going to try a 2GB single stick and 4gb single stick.
    Also I will run memtest and get back to you.
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    May need additional NB voltage to help the memory controller along
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