Green texture problem in battlefield 3

I have a HD 7970 and when i play on battlefield 3 i get green texture problems and the grass turns bright green. I have tried wiping the drivers and updating to the 13.8 beta driver but it hasn't fixed it. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
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  1. Did you OC'd your card? It may low or high in voltage. I recommended downloading MSI afterburner for your OC utility.
  2. The card is factory overclocked but i haven't manually overclocked it myself.
  3. It could be a heat problem as it was factory overclocked, I suggest getting it replaced if you still have your warranty.
  4. I don't get this problem in any other game which suggests to me that it isn't that it is overclocked and it isn't a heat problem for sure because i monitor the temps of my pc and the card never gets too hot.
  5. Wipe the driver and install 13.4, that's the driver I used right now.
  6. I have done that but i still have the problem
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    I fixed the problem, it was caused by Virtu MVP
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