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Hello, i just bought a sapphire 7770. I already had 2x4gb 1600 ram but i have a fm2 mobo (fm2a55m-gds) and A4-5300 apu. i want to chage CPU , but idk what should i take. It's enought to take just an athlon x4 750k , or it's better to go for i3-3220 with a new mobo? or maybe getting a fx 6300 and a new mobo with 2x pci 16x and a second 7770 is the best idea? will i3 handle mmo games?
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    MMO games are more CPU dependent than a lot of games, but I'd say it depends on the game. A hyperthreaded i3 should be able to play any game pretty well though. Since you already have those parts, build your PC with them. Install but do not activate Windows (to save you from buying another copy if you decide to replace the mobo). Test it with one or more of your games and see how it does. How much improvement you need will determine your best course of action. The A4-5300 is pretty weak, but I can't predict how much improvement you'll want. The 750K would offer a decent amount, as will an i3, but an i5-3350P or FX-6300 would offer a lot more.
  2. Head for your motherboards webpage and check the cpu compatibility list

    and fit the most powerful APU that will run in it . Since its an FM2 board then that will probably be the the latest A10 6800K Richland .
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