Upgrading GFX card and bottle necking

Hello all,

I have a 8800 GT
3.0 GHZ Q6600 quad core overclocked
4 gb ddr2 ram

I was thinking about upgrading to GTX660 or GTX760

will my CPU or RAM bottleneck my new GFX card?

I intend to play Rome II Total War
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  1. yes, u need another CPU. and for these 660 and 760 u need ivy brigde (if u want the full performance from them)
  2. It shouldn't be a big bottleneck, especially in game that are not cpu intensive.

    it would be a big cost to upgrade your cpu, since you would need to buy new ram, mobo, and cpu.

    I think it should be fine.
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    @ Samir Safi: For those games the CPU will hold back either of the cards you list; RTS games are heavily dependant on the CPU because it deals with the ai of the opposing army.
    Unless you plan on playing fast paced FPS type games a card of the HD7770/GTX650 class will be plenty.
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