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I keep getting voltage warnings come up at the bottom right of my screen from AI Suite II but i am sure i have anything voltage related set to auto. Can someone please help me fix this problem?
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  1. I get them on my Crosshair V Formula - Z some times, just don't worry about it unless it is like your cpu or something, and only if it is on the high side.
  2. I'm not sure what would be considered high and i have had it for my vcore before. I thought i set all possible things to auto so why would i get warnings if it hasn't got a limit to go over?
  3. Ai suite / PC probe II will alert you if the voltage is the smallest decimal over. I assume that you have an fx processor, just don't worry about it, the sabertooth will shut down the PC it there is actually a extremely high voltage, because the temps will get too high. Ai suite sometimes reads the bios wrong, especially if you don't have windows installed in uefi mode.
  4. Ok thanks but no i have a 3770k not an fx processor
  5. Oh, sorry, I forgot that asus had intel sabertooth boards, I have been with amd for so long I sometime forget that most people use intel.
  6. Are you running any other monitoring tools with AI suite, such as CPU-Z, AIDA, Hwinfo etc.?
  7. I have cpu-z and core temp for monitoring cpu and i have gpu-z for my gpu
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    Some of those montioring tools can interfere with AI Suite's polling of the super IO. If so I'd disable the AI suite monitoring functions for the voltages etc.
  9. Ok thanks
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